Who is Jake Orr?

Jake Orr I’m an artistic director, freelance producer, theatre maker, digital marketer, thinker, trustee and writer.

Bordering between a creative practitioner, digital facilitator and commentator, I’ve always had an inability to define myself in one role. This has led to a multitude of skills, projects and being branded as having a ‘portfolio career’, which is fine by me but makes having a business card troublesome.

Fuelled by my obsession with theatre and all things digital, I attempt to produce work that sits between the thin line of audience/curator/maker that engages in, with and around theatre and the arts. At times this means I’m in the heart of the creative process as a creative practitioner, at other times I’m found behind the scenes pushing marketing strategies and social media, or indeed at other times I’m sitting with a notepad and pen writing about the work I see.

I love theatre and the arts, and I’m passionate about the work I produce. If you’d like to collaborate, question or have a conversation then do get in touch.

Feel free to email me hello[at]jakeorr.co.uk or tweet me @jakeyoh if you have questions or want to find out more. Take a look at some of the work I’ve done or how I can work for you.