Jake Orr

Who is Jake Orr?

I’m an artistic director, producer and theatre-maker.
A culture-changer, creating a shift in society.

Writing biographies is always tough when you do your best to not place limits on what you do. A producer, an artistic director, a theatre-maker and an occasional troublemaker, that’s Jake Orr? What does any of that really mean? My work in theatre is fuelled by the belief that we can change society through culture. Does society need to be changed, I hear you ask? I believe it does. I want theatre and the arts to be a vital lifeline as that of the NHS, libraries, post offices and doctor surgeries.

My core values when making theatre are; compassion, passion, kindness and fun. This is how I make the theatre, and it runs through everything I do on a day-to-day. Its good to know what your core values are, it keeps you focused and gives you a mantra to turn to when the theatre industry throws its worst at you.

Jake Orr is a Producer

At present I am the in-house producer at Theatre503; a 63-seat theatre that presents new writing by new writers. Having joined in 2017 to date I have produced the award-winning In Event of Moone Disaster by Andrew Thompson, the award-winning Br’er Cotton by Tearrance Arville Chisholm, the Christmas production Cinderella and the Beanstalk and the sell-out Wolfie by Ross Willis.

In 2019 I launched Jake Orr Productions, as a company to bring together my freelance producing. The inaugural production is Pops by Charlotte Josephine in a co-production with HighTide and Live Theatre.

You can have a look at some of the other productions I have produced in a freelance capacity on the Portfolio page, including the award-winning BLUSH by Charlotte Josephine and No Miracles Here by The Letter Room.

Jake is an Artistic Director

As Artistic Director of A Younger Theatre, I have spent the past 10 years developing a company that supports young emerging creatives to have their voices and work heard. AYT’s work spans managing criticism and journalism schemes, a thriving digital publication, and it co-produces and programmes Incoming Festival. A Younger Theatre is where it all started and I’m proud to continue to lead the company today.

A Culture-Changer

I am a culture-changer, and this starts with providing space and time for developing those that need the support in the industry. Whether that is founding the UK Theatre Producer’s Facebook group, offering mentoring sessions or teaching at drama schools and at ITC, finding time to share is vital to me.

a supportive, caring mentor that gives people new to the theatre industry the opportunity they so desperately need

Miro Magazine

I’m also good at writing funding applications and regularly lead workshops at drama schools, conferences or events. I can deliver a pretty decent speech when required, too. So maybe you’ll want to hire me to act as a culture-changer in your place of work?

Feel free to email me hello[at]jakeorr.co.uk or tweet me @jakeyoh if you have questions or want to find out more. Take a look at some of the work I’ve done.