The digital home of Jake Orr

It was about time that I had a personal website that put my work, my writings and general opinions outside of my work on A Younger Theatre. That’s not to say that I won’t still write feverishly on AYT, but it’s good to make an official home of Jake Orr (whatever that means).

Creating this website has been a challenge for me, it is something that I have started and put down repeatedly for the last three years. Trying to define who you are and what you do is a challenging prospect for someone who seems to start in one place and end in about five different places depending on the direction you take. Ah, the joys of a portfolio career. Defining myself on the About page has made me take choices. Nothing is set in stone, but putting up on the internet for everyone to see and read makes it just that little bit more official.

So I’m calling myself a freelance digital producer, theatre maker, think and writer. Keeping it broad but defined.

As for this blog, I hope to keep a semi-regular collection of thoughts relating to the arts and digital work, with the intention of being a running commentary on things that take my interest, and I hope cause some discussion. Most of this has previously lived on A Younger Theatre in my Theatre Thought blog, but defining it more as myself is curial during these freelance days.

So yes, for now I’m transferring writings across, making a database of all my reviews, blogs and general ramblings (including speeches!).