Tea with Jake: Furlough Edition

Like many of my colleagues across theatre I am currently furloughed. With the news that this is being extended through the summer I want to return to something I have offered in previous years as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe; Tea with Jake. It proved successful in previous years for me to meet those in the industry who may need a cup of tea to talk about whatever was on their mind. No agenda, just tea and a natter.

Whilst social distancing is in place and my move to Nottingham may limit who I can meet in person, I want to offer Tea with Jake: Furlough Edition. An opportunity for artists/producers to have a cuppa with me over Zoom to talk about what’s on their mind. It might be a mentoring session, a chance for feedback on a play, or work on a funding bid. Whatever the reason for wanting a cup of tea, I’m free and here to help.

Want to have a tea? Sure thing, but fill out the form.

I’ll be running this for a number of weeks, so there is plenty of opportunities, but because I’ll forever be a producer please do fill out this form. I’m a sucker for a spreadsheet.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email on hello[at]jakeorr.co.uk and I’ll be happy to help, otherwise, see you in the internet over a cuppa.

Image by Kalle Gustafsson.